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Our Aims & Objectives

We are proud to provide child care parents can trust. We believe in the Montessori process and our ability to provide a safe, nurturing environment for your child. The Bright Stars team are warm, encouraging, and have your children’s best interests at heart every step of the way.

Our Purpose

  • To provide a secure, caring, safe, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating “home from home” atmosphere, where children can experience a wide range of opportunities to develop learning and social skills
  • To ensure that children learn who they are and respect each other in their natural surrounds.
  • To create an environment of firm but loving discipline to enable your child to feel secure in any situation and express themselves freely with confidence.
  • To provide staff that are highly motivated, engaging, patient, understanding and qualified to care for your children.
  • We aim to build self-confidence, self-discipline, concentration and independence preparing the child to become a responsible member of society.

Why Bright Stars?

  • Because we at Bright Stars believe Montessori is a truly superior method for most children to learn and thrive.
  • Because Montessori children are adaptable: adept at learning and working alone and in groups.
  • Because Montessori children grow up to be problem-solvers and leaders.
  • Because Montessori children are encouraged to share their ideas and communicate with others in a non-competitive, yet challenging envirnment.
  • Because Montessori children grow up with high self-esteem and resilience.