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The Bright Stars Difference

Bright Stars Montessori Preschool is a long day care facility that offers a unique and holistic approach to child development. The strong educational component of our curriculum allows us to bridge the gap between traditional childcare and kindergarten.

We believe Bright Stars creates an environment where each and every child’s needs are catered for holistically within our center. What does this mean and how is this achieved?

Adhering to an enriching program that utilises the Montessori method of teaching while linking to the early years learning framework. This ensures our programs are diverse and cater for every child.

Children (And Adults) Learn In Different Ways:

Visual – prefers pictures and images

Auditory – prefers sounds and musical methods

Verbal – prefers words both in speech and writing

Physical – prefers using their body, sense of touch, muscle memory

Each of the above learning styles are implemented throughout the program in each room and are delivered by our team of experienced educators who are handpicked to compliment and balance the teams skill set.

Small Groups

Working in small groups enhances the learning environment for the child allowing the educators to really engage each and every child while also scanning the group for any child who may be struggling with a particular element. We also have a buffer of staff (on an ordinary day) during the peak learning times to ensure we can direct our attention where it is required without hampering the flow of the room.

We use an extensive resource pool so the children are exposed and have access to many different ways to reach the learning outcomes. Our resources are continually updated to ensure our educators are inspired and also have access to the greatest learning tools in the industry.

School Readiness Program

A traditional play based long day care will run a “school readiness program” towards the end of the year for children who are starting kindergarten the following year. We believe school readiness is practiced each and every day. Children need to be introduced to a structured learning environment well before starting kindergarten.

Our littlest members are exposed to structured learning from the time they begin their journey with us. They are introduced to desk activities, they are also exposed to group times where we start building the expectation to sit and listen in small increments. They are also taught how to respect the resources and the general expectation of the environment creating. The physical, social and emotional aspects of development has a strong presence in our program too as it plays an important role in preparing your child for kindergarten. When confidence is high, learning soars and anything is possible.

Open communication is very useful in helping your child achieve goals quicker and enhance the learning journey and we encourage this with our parents.